To The Next Man I’ll Love

It must be hard out there

Not knowing that I’m here

I wish I could find you now anywhere

Not to rush but I need you near
I want to know you and the things that make you laugh

I wish to share your pain and make you cheerful

I’ll sing you a song when things get rough 

I’ll embrace you without hesitation and keep you joyful 
It is also hard for me right now

Not knowing who you are

However, I’ll be waiting for you

I know you’re out there
Still waiting for our stars to cross their paths..


The Lies of Love’s Temptation

Some melodies were made for love

And some songs were covered to portray admiration

But will I ever be able to show you the love that I have

And sing to you the songs that I have hidden from your compassion

I didn’t mean to go away from you

You arrived at the wrong time and place

I wished you came earlier and sooner

But we wouldn’t find each other;

If it wasn’t for the agony that has been presented upon us

But what if this agony is the sign for us to be together?

Should I take that risk?

Shall I make a wish?

I wanted to hear you play

I wanted to hear you sing

I wanted to look through those eyes and never regret

Just for a few minutes, let me look at you and say Hi.

Will you let me love you?

Just for a second, a look, at a distance, once, then gone.

I shall be gone, away from your melodies, songs, and your voice..

© 2015 | Mariya Raiza B. Vergara

Literal Word Vomit

I thought I could never write again something like this. But there are those random moments in everyday that we just feel so poetic and we let it slip away because we are fully occupied with work and other priorities that we have to deal with. So while I was at work today, I wrote this little piece and I don’t know where it came from. I’m not thinking of an ex, a friend, or my significant other, or anybody. The words just suddenly came out from my mind, from my mouth..with a melody that I couldn’t understand. I am no composer, I only know how to play the drums. I can sing but not like those who sing a very high note, the “singers” of today.

I’m still trying to figure out where these words came from besides my mind. Was it an old memory from my younger years that I couldn’t even remember all the details but somehow my mind tells me that I might by producing these words and making me hum to the melody that goes with it.

WordPress, will you help me figure out where it came from? Or maybe.. I’m just going crazy.

Thoughts of you keep wandering my mind
Thoughts of you and me is often questioned why
Why can’t we be
Why can’t you let me see
A part of you
That makes me say I do

Memories of your presence are often misunderstood
Memories of you and me keeps me strong from where I stood
Why can’t we let it happen
Why can’t you let me feel the same again
A place and time where you and me
Was once all that we ever were

Alright, that’s it. Tell me, I’m going crazy.


And here’s the paper I wrote on. Please excuse me for the bad handwriting.