Recently Loved Music

If there is one thing that I would choose as a career, it would be to create words for music and sing too. However, I couldn’t play a single musical instrument perfectly because I was very lazy when I was younger. But now that I’m older and wanted to learn, I had to pay for it and find time for it. So I express this by searching and listening to music that makes me feel relaxed and serene. Since I couldn’t use my laptop to download a copy of these songs that I recently had been addicted to, I turn to YouTube and listen to them all the time.. on replay. 

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Two Cans of Tuna & 10 Songs since 2003

I went for a semi jog semi walk around Seef area. I tried to walk it out if my left foot which had a cast two months ago could bear walking in a longer distance and it did. I tried to run again to get that sweat on and I did. It felt great and I think that I’m going to be able to sleep immediately tonight. I finished two cans of light meat tuna as well, not so light meat now that I finished two cans. Haha. Well I’ve been thinking last night to create a post about my mp3 collection. My collection started in high school from what my brother left in his PC for me when he left for Bahrain. I started there and in my college years, my downloads continued because I love music.

Music is not just music. It is a therapy and it helps me in everything. So I’m going to put here my top ten favorite songs in my GB 15 mp3 collection. Please be aware that I grew up in a family where my father and my brother loves rock music so I am pretty much a fan of some selected albums of some rock bands. But I love RnB too, it makes me feel sexy and pumped. But rock music usually keeps me singing and helps me to get up in the morning with a smile. Continue reading “Two Cans of Tuna & 10 Songs since 2003”