Two months late post.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun is a water park in Bahrain where there are swimming pools and slides to choose from. I wasn’t able to take some photos while were enjoying the pools specially the Spa Pool and Lazy River because I don’t want to hold my phone & DSLR worrying that it will get wet while I enjoy being in the water. Moments like those doesn’t require a camera always so I was contented to only have some photos with my brother and sister-in-law. I don’t plan on buying a GoPro too just to record how I had fun. I am happy with Squidee 🙂 Continue reading “LPOD”





Last week, my colleagues and I went on a late Christmas and New Year gathering. We went to a bar called B28 in Swissbell Hotel in Seef Area which features a good city view. The prices of their drinks are affordable too!_DSC1895 _DSC1893 _DSC1902


We played a game called white elephant which makes you pick out a number from the bowl and it will be your order in choosing the gifts that are displayed on the table. I received these gifts which is amazing!


Iya Rai

FW in 2016

Happy 2016 WordPress!

I would like to greet everyone a Happy New Year! Happy 2016! I know that it’s late and it’s been more than a week since 2016 started but it’s better late than never! A week ago, I was disappointed when I was about to upload some photos here in WordPress and it didn’t allow me because I have reached my upload limit which made me frustrated because I wanted to post more photos I took from my recent activities on the first week of the year! I was so frustrated that I went back to Blogger and post the photos there. But today, I really missed WordPress and I wanted to come back so I tried again to upload maybe one photo but from a different computer and it worked. This made me come to a decision to make the new Blogger blog I created a few days back to private. I loved WordPress for more than a year now and I couldn’t think of any reason to leave it simply because it’s amazing and interactive.

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Silver Gibberish

I have yet to share another set of negativity and trials that impacts this 25 year old body.Oh yes! I turned 25 last Wednesday. It’s awful, somewhat happy, and normal at the same time. Life slapped me a set of reality with a lot of ups and downs last week. IMG_8547

It felt awful because there were a lot of emotional breakdowns within the day that I tried to avoid specially when I was at work. Yes, I was at work on my birthday! This is what you get when you’re in the hospitality industry and your birthday is a part of the holiday season. I missed my parents ( who were the first to greet me), my significant other, and my friends. Do you know how hard it is to KYST at work?  Continue reading “Silver Gibberish”