3/365: Company Outing

Photo taken by Rik when I arrived at the meeting place before heading to La Union for the company outing and yes, I was late! Sorry! 


Blogging from a Computer Shop

I’ve been itching to post the photos I took earlier this year but my laptop’s charger isn’t working so I had to ask help from Eric if he can fix it and he said that he will try although it looks hopeless. My laptop’s fine but the charger is the problem. That laptop has been with me since 2013 and I’ve saved the money from my first salaries when I was working in Bahrain so I am a little sad if it means that I have to buy a new charger for it.

It’s my day off today. . .

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Going Back..

Hello WordPress!

I know that it’s been a month since I posted here in this blog. I believe that I mentioned in my previous posts that I left my job in San Juan, La Union and was looking for a new job in Baguio or Clark.

When I visited Baguio City last month, I passed my CVs to 2 hotels in Baguio City and was able to receive a call from one of them. I had a lot of difficulty with travelling every other day although it’s only two hours away from home, I still have to look presentable and it’s challenging to be in character when you’re travelling two hours before the interview. Continue reading “Going Back..”

Not really a goodbye.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I resigned from my job and my team arranged a farewell party for me. We decided to go some place far from work but still within La Union where we can enjoy. Hotel 45 was a newly opened hotel in Bauang right in front of Hotel Ariana. Our room was PhP 1,600 good for 4 persons but only inclusive of free breakfast for 2 persons. Guests are allowed to bring in food and drinks.


Their pool were with different lights too that makes the whole experience of night swimming a lot better. The hotel was previously called Cabana and was renovated with a new name. It is a branch of Hotel 45 which also has a branch in Baguio City.  Continue reading “Not really a goodbye.”

Company Christmas Party 2016


I haven’t been in a Christmas Party like what I experienced on Monday for years. I couldn’t remember why, oh.. I lived in the Middle East for 3 years and decided to isolate myself from other people for the first 2 years and didn’t want to participate in happy (mostly Filipino community related parties) because I was selfish. But when I transferred to the F&B department in 2014, it all changed. I believe that I have posted about our exchange gift in F&B Department in January this year. That was 11 months ago! (Yes, we did the exchange gift after December because the hotel was very busy).  Continue reading “Company Christmas Party 2016”