A Comfort Zone like no other.

I’m not quite sure why I have created yet another blog for me to worry about but I guess this will be more of a very personal blog for me since it says The Diary of Iya. This will become a place where I can voice out the things I experience and learn everyday outside of my comfort zone and by what I mean comfort zone, my home country. Yes.

The Name: Iya
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Iya (name I have chosen that my friends,family, and workmates doesn’t know I use). I use to have another blog that includes Iya as my name but I have deleted it. It was in LiveJournal. That was the time when I was still in college and experiencing and discussing on the blog my post break up experiences. It was a bit dark and sad so when I found myself a kind of happiness I cannot find in other places I’ve been to, I had to let it go although some posts there such as short stories and poems were saved in my laptop. Oh God, such a long explanation for the name. Haha.

Outside My Comfort Zone: Middle East
Yes folks. I currently live in the Middle East and trying to live independently while sending money to parents back at home and where is home? ASIA! Yes, I am asian so.. Ehem.. Going back..
although my brother and my sister in law lives here as well, we only see each other every two weeks I guess because of my hectic schedule at work. Yes! I am a very important person. Naah just kidding.

Why did I create this blog? FREEDOM.
I have a blogger blog I don’t want my relatives, family, and friends know about my recent encounters specially that I’m currently experiencing a relationship-keeping problems. To friendship or being a lover. I’m not expecting views or readers and I don’t care if my friends knew about this. I wanted to disconnect from almost everybody that I know. By that, I won’t have worries just like my own comfort zone..