Recently Loved Music

If there is one thing that I would choose as a career, it would be to create words for music and sing too. However, I couldn’t play a single musical instrument perfectly because I was very lazy when I was younger. But now that I’m older and wanted to learn, I had to pay for it and find time for it. So I express this by searching and listening to music that makes me feel relaxed and serene. Since I couldn’t use my laptop to download a copy of these songs that I recently had been addicted to, I turn to YouTube and listen to them all the time.. on replay. 

Tru by Lloyd

Favorite Lyrics: I was waiting for an answer like a feather falling from the sky.

I loved Lloyd since I discovered his songs back in 2010. The last songs I loved from him was his collaboration with Trey Songz, Be The One and Lay It Down because of the beat and the lyrics too. It is useful during sexy times 😉 haha when I used to have sexy times. haha.

I loved Lloyd more when I listened to Tru. It made me realize that he cannot just make and sing a great song that is about sex and girls. It only means that he is a good artist and that is good.  I couldn’t wait to download the whole album where this song is included.

Hard Times by Paramore

Favorite Lyrics: Hard times, gonna make you wonder why you even try.

Told You So by Paramore

Favorite Lyrics: I know you like when I admit that I was wrong and you were right. At least I try to keep my cool when I’m thrown into a fire.

After the Riot! album, I slowly drifted away from the song of Paramore. Ain’t it fun, Renegade, and Daydreaming are the only songs I loved from them since 2012.  And recently, I saw from my Youtube feed the Hard Times & Told You So music videos and this made me happy not only because of its great tune and lyrics but because of the band members 🙂 All old Paramore fans like me knows about this!

Unrequited Love by Yuna

Favorite Lyrics: For as long as I can remember, like oil and water we collide. But you don’t seem to want forever. This adventure was only real to my eyes.

I discovered Yuna when I watched the music video of his collaboration with Usher with the song Crush. And when I listened to a week ago, it became so therapeutic to me. I listen to this song before going to sleep and after waking up. Maybe it is because of the words in the first 3 minutes. I believe that everyone can relate to this song whatever a person is going through and for someone like me who has been going through emotional distress for months, this felt very therapeutic that I wanted to hear it over and over again rather than smoke. Thank you Yuna for these wonderful words and music.



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