Blogging from a Computer Shop

I’ve been itching to post the photos I took earlier this year but my laptop’s charger isn’t working so I had to ask help from Eric if he can fix it and he said that he will try although it looks hopeless. My laptop’s fine but the charger is the problem. That laptop has been with me since 2013 and I’ve saved the money from my first salaries when I was working in Bahrain so I am a little sad if it means that I have to buy a new charger for it.

It’s my day off today. . .

I thought I could stay in all day but because of the power interruption announcement that is from 9am to 5pm, I had to take a bath as early as 730 so I could still use the hot & cold shower.

I went out to walk and analyze and think about what I have accomplished in my month long stay in this new hotel property that I’m working for and at the same time, I kept asking myself this question, “What the hell am I doing with my life?” I feel like I am on the right track and the anxiety attacks lessened for the past weeks plus I get to see my friends every once in a while. But sometimes I still feel empty despite the happiness and joy that my shoes and job gives me undeniably. I still tend to miss having someone to hold and talk to intimately at night. (Although I really don’t have time recently and all I do is lie in my bed when I get home, have a cup of tea, and sleep). I kept on asking myself that question as I walked pass Centermall and eventually ended up looking at Class A Chanels & Louis Vuittons at UB Square. This is because of the reason that I had a plan of taking my IELTS in early February and going to Cebu the following week.. which never happened. It can still happen but I’m with the new job now and so far it’s going good and I’m enjoying being back here in the City of Pines although there are moments when you pass by an area that reminds you of your old love, it gets me sometimes. Seeing young couples having dinner at Binalot while I listened to my ipod and eat my Sisig rice. Sometimes it gets me.. but I always decide for it not to linger. I try to ignore it by making myself busy at work. I always avoid those moments that I am not doing anything because I am not doing anything, the more I get to ask questions about my existence and where is life going to take me, or rather.. where have my decisions got me?  A year ago today, (I always do this.. ugh, reflect to where I was a year ago) I was suffering from depression and severe anxiety due to a break-up but when I look at it now, it feels empty.. as if it never happened. I mean, it did happen but I don’t feel the same way anymore.

But I am not posting this today to reminisce all the pain I felt a year ago but to be thankful with these shots I took from last month to earlier this May.

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

First eating out with colleagues from the hotel property I’m working for.

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

This was before our Triple Treat. Triple Treat is happening every quarter where every new hire batch gets to perform in front of the other employees.

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

And following the stress of a week of late night practicing, we went to Miguel’s and celebrated our graduation or what we called surviving the first month at work. It’s been a month since I met these amazing people 🙂

Within that busy week before Triple Treat, I met with Anna and Levi to catch up a little since I arrived late!

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

And since the company wanted to level up from service to uniforms, me and my colleagues attended a day long make up training.

Here’s the result:

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

Excuse the faces haha

And when I get the extra time in the morning, I pass by 7 Eleven to buy some biscuits or this.. 🙂

Everyday encounters first quarter 2017

Still at a computer shop near SLU,


Everyday encounters first quarter 2017


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