Not really a goodbye.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I resigned from my job and my team arranged a farewell party for me. We decided to go some place far from work but still within La Union where we can enjoy. Hotel 45 was a newly opened hotel in Bauang right in front of Hotel Ariana. Our room was PhP 1,600 good for 4 persons but only inclusive of free breakfast for 2 persons. Guests are allowed to bring in food and drinks.


Their pool were with different lights too that makes the whole experience of night swimming a lot better. The hotel was previously called Cabana and was renovated with a new name. It is a branch of Hotel 45 which also has a branch in Baguio City. 


Marie and I arrived first since she was off on that day. We weren’t able to take a lot of photos because we were very busy taking videos using her SJCAM. We did our very best to take a lot of videos before the sun goes down.




Then Darwin arrived..






















Please excuse my tummy haha
























Only Marie and I stayed in the room since the rest had to work early the next day. We met Kaye the next day at Pot & Pantry.























I’ll definitely miss the team..




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