At least not today..

Last month (I know! It’s a month late!) , I went to Baguio to relax and let myself enjoy what I wasn’t able to experience during my last two weeks of 2016.  Dayoff. 


 I had 2 days pending dayoff that I needed to clear. I went to Baguio and spend a little on myself. Here are a few highlights of my trip to my favorite city in the Philippines 😉


I left the house at about 2pm and headed to San Fernando Partas Bus Terminal. I was expecting lesser tourists and students since it’s already the 3rd of January. But I was wrong. The bus was full and I even ended up sitting at the back seat.

Hence, this photo


But in the middle of my 2-hr bus ride, a few gentlemen got off the bus at Sablan and a few of us at the back and this lady in front of the photo was able to transfer seats!



When I arrived at Newtown Plaza, I surprised Kuya Eloi whom I last saw in June last year! He is working there 😀





While waiting for Paolo in Messenger!


I had 3 cups of this heaven while waiting! Hazelnut coffee.



And because I love bokeh..






I went up to my room to get maybe an hour of sleep while waiting for Paolo but because I had 3 cups of coffee, I couldn’t sleep.



After an hour (I guess), he texted and said that we could do the video call already. He was with Clarence earlier. Napasarap ang kwentuhan.  Haha.


A selfie before going down because the Wi Fi connection is faster and I can smoke!

All of their rooms btw are non-smoking.


After an hour of video call and super kwentuhan , we said our goodbyes and I went to dinner with one of my friends from high school.

I haven’t been to Grumpy Joe so we have decided to go. Although I’m not a fan of pizza, as long as there is a salad in a restaurant’s menu, I would definitely go and try!


The salad was okay but both of us didn’t like the dressing. It tastes different and I know that maybe it was their signature salad, it wasn’t really that good. Although the pizza was okay too. But I don’t want to go back.




We had only one drink and we said our goodnight!



The next morning, I woke up early to have breakfast with Gami and Sammie.


I didn’t expect their buffet to be like this. The last buffet from a hotel that I had a disappointing experience was in Hotel Elizabeth. This however is very different. It has a lot of choices and the food is really nice.









The experience was great but I only have one comment in the buffet. I wish that their buffet tags would be more visible.


We weren’t able to take a photo because the three of us had a lot of things that we talked about that I even had an emotional breakdown. However, we were to take a photo inside my room.



I was just really happy that I was able to speak to Paolo, Sammie, Kuya Eloi, Eric, and Gami during that time. I needed it badly which has led me to take actions with my personal life during the following days that came.

And although I am in a difficult place right now in all aspects, I am still thankful every day to have friends like them in my life.



Miss Raiza 🙂


I bought a tripod on this day and my next post is about it! 🙂

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