Post Valentine Post 2017 : Vday with Sammie

Vday with Sammie

Although I didn’t have an official date yesterday, I’m still thankful Sammie came here to La Union and we met last night and tonight too 😀 Continue reading “Post Valentine Post 2017 : Vday with Sammie”


Take Back the Night


I remember not being able to go to parties that much in college because my mother doesn’t allow me to go. It’s always a takas  situation. But this time, I am not letting it happen over again and I missed them so much I wanted to move back to Baguio badly!

Here are a few photos of us in Spade. Since.. Nevada is not the place to be anymore.  Continue reading “Take Back the Night”

Missed this so much


If there was one thing that I missed the most when I was still in Bahrain, it is having a night of drinks with my closest friends. As I have mentioned here in my blog posts in the past, I only have a few close friends from work in Bahrain and I’m happy with that. These ladies over here in this photo are closest to my heart and it doesn’t stop there because there are still a lot missing. Most of them are are abroad now too.

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10 Years & counting :)


Do you remember back in 2014 when I used to share about my emotional breakdowns and jealousy of my friends who are always posting photos of them being together and then I ended up deleting them one by one in my Facebook? My early followers knows how my posts were back then and how I was so devastated and damaged with my decisions in the past. I was afraid to even face some of them but when I agreed to join, something inside me lifted. It felt like I haven’t felt that type of happiness in a long time.

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Not really a goodbye.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I resigned from my job and my team arranged a farewell party for me. We decided to go some place far from work but still within La Union where we can enjoy. Hotel 45 was a newly opened hotel in Bauang right in front of Hotel Ariana. Our room was PhP 1,600 good for 4 persons but only inclusive of free breakfast for 2 persons. Guests are allowed to bring in food and drinks.


Their pool were with different lights too that makes the whole experience of night swimming a lot better. The hotel was previously called Cabana and was renovated with a new name. It is a branch of Hotel 45 which also has a branch in Baguio City.  Continue reading “Not really a goodbye.”