Here’s hoping

I know that I’ve been away for a while. We don’t have a WiFi connection at home for almost a month now and that’s fine with me because I needed a reason to get off social media too except that I don’t want to be separated from this blog for a long time specially when I have a lot of photos and stories to tell stuck in my external hard drive.

Also, it’s my last day at work on on 31st and I know that there are people who are reading this blog might question me why make another decision in your life like this. But I had a lot of thinking and I know that this is for the best and I am not regretting any decision I made during the past 8 months of my life. I am tired of being regretful for the last 4 years and this time, I wanted to do things for me and not because someone tells me that I have to.

If you’re wondering where I’m getting my internet right now, well, think again 😉

I can’t wait to share the photos I took during the first month of 2017.

Sincerely hoping,




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year WordPress!

I know I’m 11 days late in posting about my encounters during the last days of 2016 and the first week and a half of 2017!

I have a lot of photos and a few encounters to share. I wasn’t able to take my day-offs during the last two weeks of December because we were very busy at work. I totally understand that and I am happy about it. It takes my mind off other things that I should’ve been dealt with earlier in the year of 2016. I spent both Christmas and New Year at work which is not new for me. Our  Wifi connection at my parents’ house was temporarily disconnected for 4 days now so when I wanted to post the photos I took during the past 2 weeks, I wasn’t able to.

Happy New 2017 WordPress! 🙂

Still blogging in 2017,

Miss Raiza 🙂