I am Twenty Six

Yes, I know that this post is very late. I do apologize for not posting about the day that I turned 26. Do you know that saying that when you are overjoyed or very happy, the bad thing often follows? Or the other way around.. when you’re too sad and down, happiness soon will follow. But anyways.. a friend that I haven’t seen for years who came home from Italy traveled all the way from Pangasinan to Olongapo to at least meet the 2 of us. 

As agreed, we’ll have breakfast together.


And so we did!







Best birthday present 🙂

I haven’t shared it here but when I arrived in the evening in La Union, my anxiety has taken over me and was only able to stop it when I got home and didn’t even notice that I was crying myself to sleep. I don’t know if it was because I was missing them already or I miss Abigail (my bestfriend) so much.

Anyways.. I just wanted to post this because it’s been weeks since the last time I posted.





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