It’s a Baretto thing!


I couldn’t remember the last time that Ianne and I had a meal together. But our chikahan plus sisig and beer made me order another cup of rice! This is the first that it happened since I arrived six months ago. Long time friends really makes you eat better when they’re around! Haha. She told me good job! because I was able to finish 2 cups of rice. I’ve been cutting down and controlling my rice intake since June last year for me to able to lose some of my weight because I was overweight since 2013. Although I am still controlling my rice intake until now to maintain the weight that I am in right now, it was my birthday eve and these meet-ups only happen every once in a while! So, I didn’t stop myself from eating more πŸ˜›


While we were having our dinner, there were ladies screaming so loud at the next resort or bar I guess that it went on until we were having drinks. I told Ianne that this neighborhood of hotels seems so fun every night. Then she told me, “It’s a Baretto thing!” 

Hence, the title of this post!














Lovin those bokeh lights from the harbor but I love this woman more πŸ™‚




I love you tol and kung ano mang ipinaglalaban ng pinky at nail polish mo ^_^













Tol tama nang picture…



This car is chilling as we did our chikahan from 8 to 1030. We decided to finish by 1030 so that we can get up early the next day πŸ™‚

Sincerely not feeling 26,


Raiza πŸ˜‰


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