Feels like I’m still there


I don’t know how to start this post but I’ve been very tired and lazy since I got back from Olongapo. Me and a friend went to Olongapo to celebrate my birthday with one of my closest friends from college. A close friend of ours as well just landed in NAIA on December 7. She is living in Pangasinan so we really convinced her to join us on my birthday at least have breakfast with us on my birthday. I haven’t seen her in like 3 to 4 years! I mean, we talk in FB Messenger and Skype but that’s only every once in a while because of work.

My leave got approved last Saturday if I remember it right. My day off was cancelled last week, that was 1st of December because I had to prepare for my very first government related event last December 2. Despite my inability to wash clothes because my day off was cancelled, I tried my very best to do it for the following days and wash it in small quantities so that I’ll have enough time to spend in Olongapo.

Before I left La Union, I took a photo with Noynoy before I left because I know that he’s going to miss me 😀



Hello, I am a 25-year old Raiza 🙂

We left San Fernando City, LU around 7am and arrived at TPLEX Entrance at about 9am last Thursday.


We were looking for a place to have a quick smoke and found Petron! Only the gasoline station and the washrooms were  only the areas that are open though. I hope that when we come back, their shop will be open too!


I remember posing at the same spot a month ago but using my iphone. But now, Squidee’s with me!



We arrived at Subic at about 12 noon and went to Puregold Duty Free to have lunch.


Here’s what I ordered.. clam.. XD



We arrived at the hotel at about 2pm after going around Puregold Duty Free. I went out of the hotel to find a convenience store to buy toiletries and came across this sign..


I found this very funny because, you already know it. 


Found these chubby, cute, and friendly cats at the resort!


We booked for jetski and well.. I didn’t finish the whole 30 minutes because I felt the anxiety and fear conquering me for the first 5 minutes. Photo ops then! 😀





I guess I still need to lose some more weight at the front 😛









The last sunset I saw as a 25 year old. I don’t know what comes next for the following years of my life but I finally know what I want and I’m going for it. I am really thankful for being able to survive 25 years and this is because of my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law, my best friends, and my long time college friends.


img_7654 img_7656 img_7658 img_7656

Raiza 🙂


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