Company Christmas Party 2016


I haven’t been in a Christmas Party like what I experienced on Monday for years. I couldn’t remember why, oh.. I lived in the Middle East for 3 years and decided to isolate myself from other people for the first 2 years and didn’t want to participate in happy (mostly Filipino community related parties) because I was selfish. But when I transferred to the F&B department in 2014, it all changed. I believe that I have posted about our exchange gift in F&B Department in January this year. That was 11 months ago! (Yes, we did the exchange gift after December because the hotel was very busy). 








The party that was organized on Monday was for the whole company and only then that I remembered how exciting and joyful it is to participate in a Christmas party in the Philippines again.



Preparing for the Christmas Party
















The winning team for Awesome Got Talent 2016! 😀







Change outfit for the dance! XD


And back to the dress again after the dance 🙂




One of my colleagues won as Mr. Articulate from the pageant and as Employee of the Year from the department! So proud 🙂





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