I am Twenty Six

Yes, I know that this post is very late. I do apologize for not posting about the day that I turned 26. Do you know that saying that when you are overjoyed or very happy, the bad thing often follows? Or the other way around.. when you’re too sad and down, happiness soon will follow. But anyways.. a friend that I haven’t seen for years who came home from Italy traveled all the way from Pangasinan to Olongapo to at least meet the 2 of us.  Continue reading “I am Twenty Six”


It’s a Baretto thing!


I couldn’t remember the last time that Ianne and I had a meal together. But our chikahan plus sisig and beer made me order another cup of rice! This is the first that it happened since I arrived six months ago. Long time friends really makes you eat better when they’re around! Haha. She told me good job! because I was able to finish 2 cups of rice. I’ve been cutting down and controlling my rice intake since June last year for me to able to lose some of my weight because I was overweight since 2013. Although I am still controlling my rice intake until now to maintain the weight that I am in right now, it was my birthday eve and these meet-ups only happen every once in a while! So, I didn’t stop myself from eating more 😛 Continue reading “It’s a Baretto thing!”

Feels like I’m still there


I don’t know how to start this post but I’ve been very tired and lazy since I got back from Olongapo. Me and a friend went to Olongapo to celebrate my birthday with one of my closest friends from college. A close friend of ours as well just landed in NAIA on December 7. She is living in Pangasinan so we really convinced her to join us on my birthday at least have breakfast with us on my birthday. I haven’t seen her in like 3 to 4 years! I mean, we talk in FB Messenger and Skype but that’s only every once in a while because of work. Continue reading “Feels like I’m still there”

Company Christmas Party 2016


I haven’t been in a Christmas Party like what I experienced on Monday for years. I couldn’t remember why, oh.. I lived in the Middle East for 3 years and decided to isolate myself from other people for the first 2 years and didn’t want to participate in happy (mostly Filipino community related parties) because I was selfish. But when I transferred to the F&B department in 2014, it all changed. I believe that I have posted about our exchange gift in F&B Department in January this year. That was 11 months ago! (Yes, we did the exchange gift after December because the hotel was very busy).  Continue reading “Company Christmas Party 2016”

No Electricity

Only a few days before Christmas!

Only.. a few days before turning 26 too 🙂

It’s 1:29 am here in the Philippines right now and I’m still awake. I arrived home earlier in the evening around 930pm when I noticed how dark the streets were. There were two small LUECO vans and I came to the conclusion that there must be a power outage. When I arrived at our house, I asked my father what happened and why are the fixing posts outside. He didn’t know but he mentioned that there were a lot of girls screaming and there were fireworks earlier and that there might be some event at a restaurant near our house. My mother called asking to be fetched outside because it was very dark and she doesn’t have a flash light. I went out and talked to a few of our neighbors wondering what might have happened and why the hell there were girls screaming and a lot of cars causing traffic in our quiet area. There were PBB teen stars that went to the restaurant nearby. Oh.. ok.. Continue reading “No Electricity”