In less than a week..

Hello WordPress

I just want to make a post today since it’s the last day of November and after a week, I’ll be turning 26! Yes, I am going past the line of silver 🙂

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post immediately anything about my first week of December since on Friday, I’ll be hosting my first event at work and I have no dayoff until the day before I turn 26. I want to say here in this post how lucky I am to have anything that lets me breathe right now at this moment and be normal (and abnormal at times). I want to be thankful for my parents (although we don’t get along most of the time), my brother and my sister-in-law 10 thousand miles away who supported me in my decisions halfway this year, my friends who are still there despite the distance, and God for keeping me safe.

I will be celebrating the eve of my birthday at Olongapo with one of my closest friends in college. She’s in one of my recent post about my spontaneous trip to Olongapo. This time, I will not be staying for an hour but at least for a day and I will not leave until we drink together again after how many years! 🙂

I hope to take a lot of photos during this coming short trip but since the holidays is fast approaching, I am not sure if I’ll have time to post them. To summarize my life everyday, work and sleep.

Anyways, looking forward to an amazing December!

Also…. thank you to the 118 followers of this blog! I can’t believe that I have 118 people who enjoys reading my everyday word vomits and photographs, and well.. daily encounters.

Cheers to WordPress as well for letting me use their site as a tool for thoughts.. very therapeutic.





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