No concealing feelings

I don’t want to become a critic but because I work in the hospitality industry, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of things in hotels where I stay. My most recent stay was in Park Radisson Inn in Clark for an overnight stay which turned to be good because I was able to comfortably sleep in the hotel. Also, the location of the hotel is convenient because it’s just 2 minutes walk to SM Clark. This was the same hotel I stayed when I just arrived from Bahrain back in June.


Now, I am going to make a post about my recent visit to Baguio. I stayed in Hotel Elizabeth because most of the less expensive hotel located near Session Road is fully booked due to the Golf Tournament happening last week in Baguio. Their average room rate is PhP 4,500 per night but I was able to get a good deal at PhP 3,150 per night for 2 adults inclusive of buffet breakfast.

Following our trip from Arca’s Yard, I went to SM Baguio to meet my best friend to get some life updates and let myself laugh as hard as I can as I spend time with her. It is difficult to find a perfect place in SM to have coffee and smoke at the same time because they removed the dedicated smoking areas in the building. Psh. But this didn’t stop us from meeting each other. I wish we could’ve gone to Starbucks in John Hay near Cantinetta but I also needed to buy an item in Etude House and buy a ticket to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

SM Baguio with Gami

SM Baguio with Gami

After meeting my best friend and buying the items that I needed to buy, I went to Hotel Elizabeth to check-in and take a few hours sleep before watching the movie.

The ambiance and the hotel room is good enough to sleep overnight however our room is a little out of place. I didn’t know that it was near an elevator and the water pump (I guess?) I wasn’t able to sleep properly because of the noises that I hear every now and then from outside.


View from my room


Hello, without make up on Miss Raiza 😛



The breakfast buffet is good enough if you’re only dining to make sure that your tummies become full. The food selection could’ve been better if they didn’t use canned tuna and corned beef in the main courses selection.


The pesto pasta wasn’t mixed properly when served at its chafing dish because you can see some areas that are covered with sauce but other areas that aren’t.



The pancake is cold and knowing that the hotel is located in Baguio City, the salad selection is poor too. I wish that they had an omelette live cooking station and maybe a variety of dried fried fish. Check-in process is good since they are following the standards however, there was no extra touch or even anticipation of needs.




Their Front Office is not as engaging as other hotels. I wish that they could improve in that area.

I left the hotel earlier than the standard check-out time and let my friend check out later in the afternoon but as I was leaving, they didn’t even bother to ask how my stay was or the food and the overall service that we experienced. I might go back but not soon and with lower expectations.





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