One good one to stay


I have been reading in different blogs about Arca’s Yard and heard it from one of my friends from college. I was very excited because it’s a new place in Baguio and it looks cozy in the photos. I was also very much looking forward about the food quality. It looked good in photos in different blogs so I had high expectation. Me and a friend left La Union at around 630am and arrived at Arca’s Yard around 10pm since we passed by Hotel Elizabeth (where we stayed) to pay for the room I booked.

We haven’t had breakfast so we are truly looking forward to get our tummies full.

I didn’t take a lot of photos inside the area since I was so tired that I only wanted to enjoy the view and take a few photos of it and the food! 

Their food selection is great except that they don’t have your usual Filipino breakfast such as tapsilog or longislog. (I totally forgot to check on the blogs I read since I was very excited about the amazing view that this location’s terrace has to offer.


This is the view from my seat.. it is just so beautiful and relaxing.









I ordered a cup of Benguet coffee for me to be able to drink it with my cigarette only to find out that people can only smoke at the parking area which is outside the restaurant. This is disappointing but at the same time encouraging because I don’t have to smoke before my meal which lessens the cigarettes I smoke. But I still like my coffee with cigarette while looking at the mountains. No worries though because after eating our brunch at Arca’s Yard, we went to SM to meet my best friend.

Scroll down to see more photos I took at Arca’s Yard during our visit.


This is their version of miso soup which tastes very traditional with a sweet twist.

Price: PhP 50.00

And of course, if there is one dish that I will try for the first time in any restaurant, I will always look for their version of pesto pasta 🙂




Pesto Pasta at PhP 220 pesos tastes perfect 🙂 You can taste the freshness in the ingredients.






My final say about Arca’s Yard is it’s the perfect place if you want your tummies full and satisfied without having the guilty feeling of spending more than Php 200 on your wallet. The good view of the mountains at the terrace is perfect except that if you’re a smoker, you won’t be able to enjoy that perfect taste of their Benguet coffe with your cigarette since it’s not allowed to smoke even at the terrace. We were only able to smoke after we paid our bill. The designes and antiques inside the place looks great in photographs but you’ll be able to appreciate it more when you arrive there. I would definitely go back and eat that perfect pesto pasta but wouldn’t stay longer more than an hour.

Happy Sunday everyone! 😀





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