Life So Far..

For those who are wondering why I was able to post something out of my unexpected trip to Clark 7 Olongapo and not post about Surfbreak which happened in my home province, well.. I work in a hotel and I don’t get to have that much time to roam around and take photos of all the activities or whatever that I was able to experience out of that Surfbreak. I was working 12 hours a day during the Surfbreak and my only experience of it is eating at Magellan’s and had only 1 bottle of beer at Choka. Both of these places are located in Urbiztondo. I wasn’t able to take photos because I wanted to enjoy the free time I have after enduring a tiring day at work and if I’m going out to take photos to post here in this blog, I made a rule with myself that I have to use Squidee (my Nikon D5000).

Moving back to my trip in Baguio a few months ago, I’m not sure and I’m lazy to check the post if I mentioned about my unexpected stay in Casa Vallejo. I insisted if they can give me a room that is only for 1 person and that doesn’t include breakfast. I was desperate to stay over for another night in Baguio since I’ll be meeting a friend and I missed being in Baguio itself. They gave me a room that is PhP 1,600 that has 2 queen size beds. It was located in the basement and only then that I realized that I might be alone in the floor. It was all wood. Anyways, the experience is not that great since I could hear the noises from upstairs. I met a friend in the evening, had a couple of beers at Sybling’s Nook at SM, walked down Session Road to night market, and had a couple more drinks at Rumors in lower Session Road. I had fun but was late the next day at work. I told myself that I will ride a bus by 5 am but wasn’t able to because my body wanted to sleep more so I was able to ride a bus by 7am and arrived in San Fernando around 930am because of the heavy traffic! I was late at work.

Going back to my trip last week to Clark, I didn’t let the opportunity go away with Qatar Airways since I received an invitation through email. You may read my previous post about that trip and photos taken by iPhone6.

Most of you might be wondering why I would go to an open day recruitment when I still have a job here back home. I’m not allowed to post here more due to its confidentiality and I might get fired from work but work and its management is not all that I expected. I am passionate about my field and I love being in hospitality but when someone pushes you so much to the limit that it sucks out the passion in you, you can’t help but think whether you deserve to be in such position or not. My brother and my sister-in-law already advised me to go back to Bahrain but I don’t want to go back there. It is very hot during the summer and although the comfort is there, I’d rather be here closer to my friends who are just 2 hours away and not 5 times zones away. I had issues at our house too. I couldn’t get along really well with my parents and that sucks. I don’t even want to talk more about that.

I’m turning 26 in a month (yay! NO. I just can’t) and I’m still deciding whether I should to Vigan or Bohol. The problem is that work might not approve for me to 2 days off since it’s December but I’m still hopeful.




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