Why not?



In the past, I didn’t believe in ordering items online since I take shopping as an exercise. However, I remember how excited I got receiving my package from Bahrain. It was a box full of my clothes and pasalubongs. I also never tried ordering online since I don’t have a credit card of my own but last week, I took the decision to order 2 items from Zalora simply because I do not have the time to go to Baguio again and window shopping and check the prices of items that I wanted to buy and wear on my birthday. 😛 Continue reading “Why not?”


In less than a week..

Hello WordPress

I just want to make a post today since it’s the last day of November and after a week, I’ll be turning 26! Yes, I am going past the line of silver 🙂

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post immediately anything about my first week of December since on Friday, I’ll be hosting my first event at work and I have no dayoff until the day before I turn 26. I want to say here in this post how lucky I am to have anything that lets me breathe right now at this moment and be normal (and abnormal at times). I want to be thankful for my parents (although we don’t get along most of the time), my brother and my sister-in-law 10 thousand miles away who supported me in my decisions halfway this year, my friends who are still there despite the distance, and God for keeping me safe.

I will be celebrating the eve of my birthday at Olongapo with one of my closest friends in college. She’s in one of my recent post about my spontaneous trip to Olongapo. This time, I will not be staying for an hour but at least for a day and I will not leave until we drink together again after how many years! 🙂

I hope to take a lot of photos during this coming short trip but since the holidays is fast approaching, I am not sure if I’ll have time to post them. To summarize my life everyday, work and sleep.

Anyways, looking forward to an amazing December!

Also…. thank you to the 118 followers of this blog! I can’t believe that I have 118 people who enjoys reading my everyday word vomits and photographs, and well.. daily encounters.

Cheers to WordPress as well for letting me use their site as a tool for thoughts.. very therapeutic.




No concealing feelings

I don’t want to become a critic but because I work in the hospitality industry, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of things in hotels where I stay. My most recent stay was in Park Radisson Inn in Clark for an overnight stay which turned to be good because I was able to comfortably sleep in the hotel. Also, the location of the hotel is convenient because it’s just 2 minutes walk to SM Clark. This was the same hotel I stayed when I just arrived from Bahrain back in June.


Now, I am going to make a post about my recent visit to Baguio. I stayed in Hotel Elizabeth because most of the less expensive hotel located near Session Road is fully booked due to the Golf Tournament happening last week in Baguio. Their average room rate is PhP 4,500 per night but I was able to get a good deal at PhP 3,150 per night for 2 adults inclusive of buffet breakfast. Continue reading “No concealing feelings”

One good one to stay


I have been reading in different blogs about Arca’s Yard and heard it from one of my friends from college. I was very excited because it’s a new place in Baguio and it looks cozy in the photos. I was also very much looking forward about the food quality. It looked good in photos in different blogs so I had high expectation. Me and a friend left La Union at around 630am and arrived at Arca’s Yard around 10pm since we passed by Hotel Elizabeth (where we stayed) to pay for the room I booked.

We haven’t had breakfast so we are truly looking forward to get our tummies full.

Continue reading “One good one to stay”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie

I went to Baguio yesterday to watch Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them at SM Baguio. Don’t get me wrong. In San Fernando City, we have a CSi where it also has a cinema but I like the cinema at SM better.

I have been a fan of Harry Potter since I was 12 I guess? I could not explain right now how happy I was to watch the movie when and where I want it. Also, this is the first Harry Potter related movie that I was able to buy the ticket myself, with my own money. If I don’t have the money, I won’t be able to afford that PhP 215 peso ticket.

Me and a friend went to buy the 615 pm ticket since we wanted to enjoy drinks with an old friend from college around 9pm right after the movie. However, the lady who told us the schedule has given us the wrong time. It was 655 pm. Maybe you will be asking how stupid can we be not to see the time in the ticket. Here’s the thing, the time you have chosen and the time that is indicated in your ticket doesn’t really matter because you can watch the movie at any time of the day as long as it’s within the day that you have bought the ticket. Come on SM, I’m pissed about this. I know that SM Baguio was seriously damaged after Haima but come on..

Anyways, we already bought our popcorn and ended up eating it while walking around SM waiting for 655pm and cancelling meeting one of our old friend.

At 645pm, we were already at the door waiting for our turn to go inside. From the moment that familiar Harry Potter theme song started together with the Warner Brothers logo, I got goosebumps! There was no dull moment throughout the movie and I’ve never felt so happy and contented right after watching the movie. I felt like I wanted to buy another ticket and watch it over again. But I don’t want to overspend my money over a movie haha, no. I’ll wait for it to come out in HD CD or DVD.