Morning After Haima

Hello WordPress.


We started to feel typhoon Haima here in the province of La Union last night around 8pm. The winds started to get stronger and the rain made our roads wet like there’s no tomorrow. I went home immediately right after work for me to able to prepare all my gadgets just in case that there will be no electricity overnight. My father and I stayed at our living room until around midnight to stay updated with the weather through internet and also to know if the electricity will go out. The wind started to get stronger by the hour and we felt like the roof of our house might be removed if more winds like that battered our house. The lights started to flicker around 1am and we knew that it is a warning that the electricity might not be available after an hour or two.

We weren’t able to sleep properly because of the noise from outside. I looked out our window and saw how my mother’s plants were being swayed by this really strong wind. I went to bed but left my room’s door open just in case that an emergency will occur.

Around 2:30 am, as the wind started to be even more stronger, all of us awoke and checked every part of the house that we can from inside. We’re afraid that our roof might get off despite years of being battered by strong typhoons like Ondoy and Pepeng back when I was still in college. We heard noises of roofs and things that we don’t know of that are like being thrown on top of our house and outside. Then the electricity went off.

I tried my best to sleep but couldn’t because of the noises. It was I think about 3am that I was able to sleep and awoke again at 4am to send a text message at work about the schedule.

I wasn’t able to go to work. I wanted to today around 1pm but then the rain started to pour again and the wind, it just doesn’t stop.

We saw in the news that it was 75km west northwest of Laoag but we can still feel like it’s signal # 3 here in La Union. As I am writing this post, I feel like the typhoon is still in land.Below are photos I took this morning around the house.


This is in front of our house. Those are my mother’s plants.





Keep safe everyone!






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