Happy 2nd Anniversary WordPress

Before I get lazy later and power outages occur, I will start to write down the thoughts I had since this afternoon. It was gloomy today, probably because of typhoon Haima, a category 5 typhoon that is about to pass by Northern Luzon here in the Philippines. I am residing in La Union and we’re currently under signal number 2. While I watch the huge waves hitting the shores in front of our hotel, I try to think about what I was doing a year ago at this time when I was still in Bahrain. I must be complaining how hot still the weather and can’t wait for winter to start. This is usually the month that Bahrain changes its weather after that very dry, lifeless, and hell-like summer. And here I am trying to prepare myself for the coming typhoon. Only then that I realize how much my life has changed since I arrived here four months ago. Wait, it’s been four months since I arrived? I was talking to my sister-in-law yesterday and we started to talk about our new jobs, love life, and life itself. I told her that I was still confused with a lot of things. I still feel like I haven’t figured myself out even after staying abroad for 3 years. I’m turning 26 in a few months and I still feel quite lost when it comes to living as an adult. I stopped thinking about falling back to love again and being in love again. But sometimes, it creeps in at me late at night thinking how it should have been or how it should have ended. Work starts to be stressful sometimes but I’m still trying my best to cope.

But wait, this post is not just about how today or the previous days were. This post is also about an interesting notification in my WordPress app earlier this afternoon. It’s my 2nd year anniversary with WordPress! WEEEEEEE! Yes folks, I posted my first blog post in WordPress in October 19, 2014. I didn’t know until I saw the notification from WordPress. Curiosity hit me and went back to my very first post in WordPress which was entitled Yearly Room Check.

You can read it at the link below if you want


Happy 2nd Anniversary WordPress! 🙂 

From there, I started to read my thoughts two years ago before I turned 24. By reading those posts, I can only reminisce and remember all the hardships, happiness, joy, comfort, and learning experiences that I was able to feel back when I was still in Bahrain.

Thank you WordPress for letting me express whatever I want to express in this blog and gain a total of 114 followers just by simply sharing what I can share out of this simple life that I have. Because of you, I was also able to interact more with bloggers through comments and reading their experiences too that inspired me more to write. This blog resulted to be one of my therapists over the years. I started to blog back when I was in high school and ended up moving from one blog to another. From Friendster, to Multiply, to Blogger, and finally to you, WordPress. I couldn’t think of a reason for me to leave this. I know, Blogger had been my rescue for 6 years but I know in myself now that I will not leave WordPress. It has been a great journey with you WordPress and I can’t wait for more.

Iya Rai


Anlakas ng hangin ni Lawin! Keep safe everyone! 


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