The Patient Writes to You

I never thought that I could write something like this again but some memories are worth writing for at 1 am. Even though I kept this memory in my journal for months and not tell a soul what I really felt throughout the moment it happened, I feel like the writings are coming because of his memories with me. I can’t let myself do this. But I am.. for now. We don’t know when we’ll meet again but we know for sure that we will despite the distance, time, location, work, and life itself.

This is..

To the man I could never be with again,

I wish I could repay you of the comfort you have given me
I hope that I could still let you feel the way your breath kept me warm after months of cold suffering
I needed time to realize what only now I can see
Of the unspoken kindness that you have left me lingering

There was a time when all you could hear are my cries
But you held me up from the building that was coming down
I didn’t feel my knees and you gave me a cigarette to light and thought it wise
To even offer me dinner and a drink just to lose my frown

I wish I could see you again just like what we promised
I hope that we could still be the same just like the way we bonded and knew each other
I need your guidance that is eternally cherished
Bound by a friendship that was almost of what can be of lovers



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