I don’t know about you but I love Korean food. 🙂

I wasn’t a fan of kimchi until I turned 23. I started to eat more Japanese and Korean food when I was in Bahrain. Whenever it was my day off, I would go to the mall and eat my favorite seaweed salad, California Maki, or bibimbap.


When I arrived here in LU, I didn’t expect to find a good Korean restaurant but I was able to find one!

I have been here in this restaurant with a friend for the nth time. I couldn’t count how many times we’ve been here not only because their food is really great but because it’s affordable. You get your free appetizers as usual when go eat in a Korean place but it’s not only the free appetizers that keeps us going back for more but because of the food quality.





This is their free rice tea which tastes like normal tea but smells a little bit like caffeine. 🙂




Samgyupsal at Php 300 per order and they have a minimum of 2 orders which will be PhP 600. It might sound too much but the quality of the food is really great.





And since I’ve been in this place more than once, there are more photos of my previous visits to this amazing Korean restaurant in San Fernando. I’ve been waiting for the right time to post it here in my blog 😛




These amazing dumplings keeps your tummy so satisfied you only have to eat 3 pieces to get that busog feeling! 😉







They have different types of cute and unusually shaped ice creams in their freezer.




Get that green tea ice cream in your mouth Rai! 😀


They also do delivery but you may only choose from selected items.

Whether you’re craving for Korean food or you’re celebrating something special or just hungry, this is one of the restaurants that you can go in San Fernando where it’s totally worth it to eat.

Location: Near Fiesta Casino in Poro Point

Sincerely hungry for Korean food right now,





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