Baguio, 2nd time around this week?

Good morning WordPress. It’s another day off for me. I was planning two days ago to go on an excursion to Vigan but since it started raining last night and news about the typhoon was announced, waking up to the sound of rain on my parents’ house, I have decided to stay home until around 11am to 12nn. But I don’t want to waste my day off on just staying home and not meeting friends at least. So I am contemplating to go back to Baguio again and visit Arca’s Yard with a friend. It will sure have a perfect view due to the rain. Fog would eat up the forest as I have seen it in photos posted by one of my good old friends in college. Well, meeting her is not the only excuse I have to go back to Baguio but Baguio itself. I wish I could find a job there by next year and start living there again. Oh.. the perfect place to sleep and have coffee or tea in the afternoon.


As I sit here in our dining table eating breakfast and contemplating whether I should go to Baguio or not, the sound of rain is luring me to go even just for a few hours today then go home in the evening.


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