You gotta aim high, shoot low baby

One of my best friends, Mariel, is living in Baguio with her daughter and this is enough reason for me to go back. We last met in June three days since I arrived here in the Philippines. It was a quick meet-up because she just got out of work and only had the chance to be with me for about 2 hours and for me, it wasn’t enough.

microtel buffet (18)

Being with your best friend is the kind of feeling of security about everything happening in you in your life. So when I went to Baguio last week, I told her that I badly needed to talk to her about life itself and how I’ve been since the last anxiety attack I experienced.

When you’re with your best friend, you see a reflection of who you are now and brings back good old memories of why you’ve been friends in the first place. We started to talk about updates with love, life, family life, friendships, being an adult (and giving up haha), and how simple life was back six to seven years ago.

microtel buffet (3)

microtel buffet (4)

Yes, that’s her. Gami, as I normally called her through the years, is one of my 2 best friends. Our other best friend is now living in Hawaii. I guess I posted it here in my blog a few months ago about my sadness when we weren’t able to meet each other. She left on the 11th of May this year and I arrived a few weeks later. We don’t know when she’ll be coming back home but one thing’s for sure, we miss her so damn much.

This photo with the three of us was taken last year when I went home for vacation.

Our supposed to be breakfast lasted for about 5 hours of talk plus a few more hours of walking in Good Shepherd and Mines View Park haha. It wasn’t really planned. All I wanted was breakfast with her but there’s really not question when you want to spend more time with your best friend that you haven’t had a really long talk like the one we had last week. She had to sacrifice her sleep even though she has work in the evening, I continue to love her. 😉

Here are some photos that I took throughout the day that we were together.

microtel buffet (8)

Please allow me to appreciate the design of Microtel first.

microtel buffet (7)

microtel buffet (10)

microtel buffet (2)

We started to laugh at each other about how stupid we both are in falling in love with the wrong persons XD Can’t really get over that conversation we had. Also, I had a little breakdown when I started to say the facts in her face of my current situation. She will always accept me for who I am because, well, she’s my best friend! Love you Gami! 

microtel buffet (13)

microtel buffet (14)

microtel buffet (15)

We took a few more minutes to rest in my room while we wait for a decision whether we will go to Good Shepherd or not because I wanted to buy good quality strawberry jelly. I will be posting another blog post about our trip to Good Shepherd which was an epic fail.

I just wanted to share how thankful I am to have her and my other best friend (who is now living in Hawaii) in my life.7




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