Pending Uploads

I feel like maybe I enjoyed visiting Baguio again that I totally forgot this week to post all about it. Well what happened was I went to Baguio last Sunday  and met my best friend for breakfast. But it wasn’t all just breakfast that happened..

I went home at around 430 in the afternoon last Sunday to pack my bags, charge my phone, and decide whether I’ll travel that afternoon already or Monday morning. Then I realized that I already made a reservation in Microtel so I just had to follow what my soul is yearning for in months, Baguio. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, Baguio has a very special place in my heart and although it was heartbreaking to go abroad, I had to leave.

As I was waiting for my bus to depart, my heartbeat started to raise because of excitement. I am not sure if it was leaving my parent’s house ( at least for a night ), or the fact that I’m meeting my best friend again after three months. Whatever it is, I was still very pleased to get a schedule that fits what my soul has been yearning for.

I will be posting photos soon.




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