Morning After Haima

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We started to feel typhoon Haima here in the province of La Union last night around 8pm. The winds started to get stronger and the rain made our roads wet like there’s no tomorrow. I went home immediately right after work for me to able to prepare all my gadgets just in case that there will be no electricity overnight. My father and I stayed at our living room until around midnight to stay updated with the weather through internet and also to know if the electricity will go out. The wind started to get stronger by the hour and we felt like the roof of our house might be removed if more winds like that battered our house. The lights started to flicker around 1am and we knew that it is a warning that the electricity might not be available after an hour or two. Continue reading “Morning After Haima”


Happy 2nd Anniversary WordPress

Before I get lazy later and power outages occur, I will start to write down the thoughts I had since this afternoon. It was gloomy today, probably because of typhoon Haima, a category 5 typhoon that is about to pass by Northern Luzon here in the Philippines. I am residing in La Union and we’re currently under signal number 2. While I watch the huge waves hitting the shores in front of our hotel, I try to think about what I was doing a year ago at this time when I was still in Bahrain. I must be complaining how hot still the weather and can’t wait for winter to start. This is usually the month that Bahrain changes its weather after that very dry, lifeless, and hell-like summer. And here I am trying to prepare myself for the coming typhoon. Only then that I realize how much my life has changed since I arrived here four months ago. Wait, it’s been four months since I arrived? Continue reading “Happy 2nd Anniversary WordPress”

The Patient Writes to You

I never thought that I could write something like this again but some memories are worth writing for at 1 am. Even though I kept this memory in my journal for months and not tell a soul what I really felt throughout the moment it happened, I feel like the writings are coming because of his memories with me. I can’t let myself do this. But I am.. for now. We don’t know when we’ll meet again but we know for sure that we will despite the distance, time, location, work, and life itself.

This is.. Continue reading “The Patient Writes to You”


I don’t know about you but I love Korean food. 🙂

I wasn’t a fan of kimchi until I turned 23. I started to eat more Japanese and Korean food when I was in Bahrain. Whenever it was my day off, I would go to the mall and eat my favorite seaweed salad, California Maki, or bibimbap.


When I arrived here in LU, I didn’t expect to find a good Korean restaurant but I was able to find one! Continue reading “K-FOOD in SFC”

Seeing an Ex after X years

Although years passed that we haven’t talked to each other, there were times when I still think about that young boy who took my first kiss. Yes, folks. Today’s blog post may consist sort of a letter to my first boyfriend who got married today. Sounds like a great title for a song or a book right? Continue reading “Seeing an Ex after X years”