A Single Woman’s Day Off

Day Off ❤️

Being single at 25 is not the way I imagined it when I was 16. When I started studying in college, I told myself that by 25, I should have at least a half million pesos in my savings, out of La Union, working in Manila or abroad, and a perfect man by my side. Working and living in Bahrain from early 2013 up to June of this year made me realize a lot of things I never thought I would be living with now that I’m only a few months away before turning 26.

Money doesn’t always makes us happy although it contributes to the intangible aspects of life that makes us happy. I had all the money back in Bahrain to spend for my single self but my closest friends and my parents are back here in the Philippines. It gave me a sense of longing and most of time led to depression while seeing my friends enjoying the time of their lives even though they are living and working here in our home country. It has led me to make decisions such as not communicating with them because of envy. That was back when I was 23 and I regretted it. Most of them understood what I went through but some are until now, still hesitant or maybe doesn’t really want to talk to me anymore. I thank some of them who still keep in touch and that’s exactly what you really need at this age where I find it difficult to find friends. A perfect man by my side is a little girl’s dream. There is no such man living in this planet because as the old saying goes, nobody’s perfect. Being single for the last 6 months has taught me about my worth. I’m not saying that because I worked abroad and this and that, that I deserve a man of the same level. However, there are certain qualities of a man at this age that should fit perfectly with my attitude and current thinking about life.

Now that I’m 25, what I really need on my day off since I’m blessed with only one day off a week, is my manicure

Day Off ❤️

Day Off ❤️

or pedicure or a haircut (which I did today!)


Day Off ❤️

Day Off ❤️

or a massage, check my current groceries at home (and go get groceries too)

Day Off ❤️

, eat a satisfying meal (as a gift to myself for doing a great job at work)


This is a value meal at Haru Kimchi in CSi that is only PhP 79 which consists of a half pot of ramyeon, 4 pieces of kimbap, and a small serving of kimchi! 😀 yummm






, do my laundry (while playing with Noynoy, my mom’s dog) and get a cup of coffee or tea with a magazine or a book to read with my cigarettes at the end of the day which I found in Urbiztondo.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, Urbiztondo has become a successful Surfing Capital of La Union that has a lot kf cafes and restaurants to choose from whether you’re with friends, family, or even your own personal alone time. I haven’t been to all of the restaurants but Choka is my favorite of all the cafes here. It is exactly what I was looking for the time I arrived in La Union.

Day Off ❤️

A cafe that is easily accessible to public transportation (because I don’t have a car! I have to take a jeepney going home or work or just chill at Choka), offers a smoking area, a coffee that keeps you awake while watching the vehicles and people pass by.

Day Off ❤️

Day Off ❤️

Day Off ❤️

Day Off ❤️

Thanks to one of the servers for taking my photos on my coffee date with myself 😛

Day Off ❤️

I’m typing this right now in my iphone 6’s notes and will later on put in WordPress when I get home with the photos I took during the day. Oh and one more thing I love about Choka is that it doesn’t have Wifi which makes your entire interaction with friends smartphone free! (Not unless of course you have unlimited mobile data in your phone)

See you at Choka!

Day Off ❤️





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