No long weekend for me

I wanted to share this small thing Siri said to me last week when I was very tired from the long weekend at work. I haven’t used Siri for a long time because I turned it off when it went through an upgrade. I decided to ask Siri something I never thought she’d answer in an interesting way. 


Her answer made me smile after a day full of check-outs.

Working in the hospitality industry doesn’t really allow you to take holidays on official holidays.  I’ve accepted that a long time ago so experiencing a long weekend in the Philippines after three years is normal.

After the long weekend, me and a friend found time to catch up and visited a recently opened hotel in San Juan which is named Villas Buenavista.


Payday is still two days away so instead of risking our money left to spend for the rest of the week on food that that we haven’t tried yet, we ordered a monster Milo and mine’s a Lipton black tea. Their menu is quite expensive though however, since I haven’t tried their food quality, this comment of mine won’t last for so long. I plan to return on my day off to share what they are offering. The book is from their small shelf beside the bar.


I wanted to bring Squidee to take more beautiful photos of this place. For now, I used my iphone 6 to take a few snaps of the hotel. I have been to Gefsis Grill (San Juan, La Union) and Jin You (Poro Point, near the Fiesta Casino) which both has superb food selection (and pending food review because I’ve been to Jin You so many times! Their food is worth going for every payday!) but I haven’t taken Squidee with me because those meals’ purpose were for meet-ups.



Can’t wait to go back and try their pesto!






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