No Labels

There are times when we start questioning the actions that seem normal to us but unusual to some people.
I thought… would change.

I thought… would improve.
But nothing has really changed.
We speak of words that we think we own. We do an act that we think is appropriate to the situation. We look at other people like we know them, by the clothes they wear, the people they are with during meals, and the way their eyes smile when drinks start to pour in. But do we really know them? Do we really know who we are to them? We must know who we are to ourselves, which is the most important.
But do we know who we are to the people we care about? Why? Why do we need to know? I spoke about the meaning of without labels in the past and right now, it has come upon me of the situation. It started to feel normal and there are not expectations.

We might enjoy the unknown road but without a direction and a destination, it will always be empty at every horizon.





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