Relaxing View in LU: Hidden behind Lighthouse


Last week was very busy due to the long weekend at work. But before the long weekend hit my work, I was able to spend some time exploring a hidden part of Poro Point which I only see in photos showed by my colleagues. Last year, I visited the lighthouse when I came for vacation and didn’t know about this location. And can I mention that it hasn’t stop raining for the last two weeks. It’s getting annoying actually because you can’t go to places with good views due to the flooded areas in San Fernando City and also just outside our house. Yesterday, when I came home from work, it was really pouring and I had no choice but to step in the flooded area before I could reach my parent’s house. Poor shoes of mine, it was its first time to be soaked in flood. I didn’t wear my high heeled boots because I was hopeful that the rain would stop throughout the day since it was mentioned in the news that the typhoon drifted its path towards North and not to PH. Anyways, here are some photos I took..



When a friend and I went to this area, it was really sunny and we were able to catch some good snaps of the cliff side.












This photo below is was taken from the other side of the location that is a little bit scary you have to be careful not to fall when taking photos.





This is the staircase going to the other side.


And yes, the clouds started to say hello. From sunny to gloomy but we still loved it, it felt very cold and windy. Although this was the first time in two straight weeks that the sun showed up, the wind and the rain came after 20 to 30 minutes later which made us run back and look for shade.




You can see here how I held the rock because I was scared to fall! 😛


Looking at the stairs going down wishing it was fixed so that we could take more amazing photographs.



Standing at the edge!


And yep, this is how it looks like! I want to go back maybe in December when the sun’s up all day. I hope that the government could improve it and make it a park with the staircase fixed.


On our way back, it started to drizzle.




Raiza 🙂


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