Snapshots After Work

There had been a lot of ups and downs so far since I arrived in the Philippines and despite all the disappointments that I knew would happen, I can say that being able to breathe, wake up in the morning, and get home safely is something to be thankful about everyday.

Although I felt more secured when I was in Bahrain, being free in your own country is far better. Also, I get to meet friends every now and then. Although having different work schedules stops us from meeting each other, at least, we’re just in the same province and not a thousand miles away from each other.


During the past weeks, I tried my best to go on a trip to Vigan (Squidee’s craving for travel and I can feel it too) but had no chance because my day off is being occupied with doing laundry for half day. I am thinking of buying a new washing machine because my mom’s washing machine is more than 10 years old.

Here are some photos I took to fill my craving in taking photos of new places. 







I walked around our house and took photos of whatever thing I see that satisfies my eyes.








Earlier today, I went to Urbiztondo to meet a good old friend to catch up.


We had coffee and I decided to try this stand just a few steps from Choka (my new all time favorite coffee shop). I had a to go Shrimp Pad Thai.







and.. a selfie before going home!



This was the to go Pad Thai. It is good but it wasn’t exceptional.


A few weeks back, I also met with a close friend from high school too who I last saw in 2012!


We met at Flotsam and exchanged news with the adulthood thing. Haha.


And here’s a great view to end this post.



Raiza 🙂

Please excuse my messy hair! 🙂










4 thoughts on “Snapshots After Work

  1. hey, are those the newly-designed philippine peso bills? as i was scrolling down your post, i couldn’t help but have another look. hehe. i’ve only been gone from pinas for a year and already it seems as if i’m missing out on a lot of the changes.

    i’m currently living in melbourne right now and it’s a wonderful, wonderful city. australia is a really nice place but all in all, philippines would always have my heart. it’s not perfect but, you know… =)


    1. Hello Jewey! congrats btw for your baby. nooo. it’s the same new notes. hahah when I came home from Bahrain last year, it’s the same. baka nakatalikod lang. haha.

      Good to hear! Planning to get IELTS too in the future to work there, hopefully. ☺

      ️Take care always! Glad you passed by the blog to get a glimpse of my La Union related posts.



      1. i hope you’d pass the ielts exam. i remember taking the darn thing thrice because i was always 0.5 below the — get this — writing part of the test. lol. looking back, i guess i followed the rules set by my ielts instructor too much. my writing felt cold and calculated, even to me. on my third try, i was like, “fuck it.” and so i wrote the way i naturally write. and i passed! hahaha.


      2. haha but at least you’re there now! 🙂 Thank you so much for the support. I am hoping by next year, I could take the exam. Take care always.

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