There is no denying that eating dinner at 1230 after midnight is satisfying and realizing how stupid you are by setting up the alarm for the next day instead of 2130. Maybe my braincells are so sleepy and tired too to even grasp the thought of setting the alarm supposed to be at 2130.

I am currently eating a cold pancake bought from plaza left by mother at our dining table. I woke up thinking why I wasn’t hearing the alarm and had the feeling that it was still maybe around 8 or 9. I had a busy day at work. We had to check-out 13 rooms. One of my friends asked me if I was tired but I said no because that was how I felt when I was talking to her but my body has shown by this oversleeping situation that just recently occurred that yes, I am tired.

Now, I don’t know what time will I be able to sleep but my eyes still feel tired and feels like I want to sleep more.  Continue reading “Oversleeping”


Snapshots After Work

There had been a lot of ups and downs so far since I arrived in the Philippines and despite all the disappointments that I knew would happen, I can say that being able to breathe, wake up in the morning, and get home safely is something to be thankful about everyday.

Although I felt more secured when I was in Bahrain, being free in your own country is far better. Also, I get to meet friends every now and then. Although having different work schedules stops us from meeting each other, at least, we’re just in the same province and not a thousand miles away from each other.


During the past weeks, I tried my best to go on a trip to Vigan (Squidee’s craving for travel and I can feel it too) but had no chance because my day off is being occupied with doing laundry for half day. I am thinking of buying a new washing machine because my mom’s washing machine is more than 10 years old.

Here are some photos I took to fill my craving in taking photos of new places.  Continue reading “Snapshots After Work”