La Union Snaps

For two weeks, I wasn’t able to take my day off because one of my staff is on leave for a week so today and tomorrow are my days off.  I had been itching to share photos of my daily ordinary encounters since I arrived. I’ve been in the Philippines for 1 month and two weeks now and I shared some photos with the post Back to Being a La Union Girl  but it incomplete.

Here are some more daily ordinary photos I took..


During my recent visit in Baguio City, it is incomplete without buying the 3 for 100 Strawberry Jam which is perfect for breakfast!


Noynoy agrees ^_^


Every morning, when I sit and have breakfast, this is the view and I’m thankful our home is located in the province that provides peaceful and silent pleasures in the morning.




At Choka

Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union








Krab Salad at Kaizen in Urbiztondo, San Juan , La Union is amazing.



At Kaizen



This is what you get after work.

All photos were taken by yours truly =)




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