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It’s been two weeks since my last post about my last week in Bahrain! I have posts that are overdue because of my work schedule. Being in the hospitality industry usually takes us in a whole new level of work specially if there is so much work to do with regards to training the staff.

La Union

I would like to enumerate some of the things that I’ve been into for the past weeks that I didn’t make a blog post.

  1. Work (or should I say, passion? haha!)

There are a lot of things to improve in the property that I am currently working at. My title doesn’t only reflect the duties that I have to fulfill in my specific department but another department too which the property doesn’t have at the moment. In short, I am an supervising two departments right now which will continue to expand once our meeting halls opens to public.

La Union

This is my way out of the neighborhood where I work.

  1. Living

I have been living with my parents for more than a month now and I shall say that it’s not easy being with my parents since I am used to going home late and just doing things on my own. This is the reason why I wanted to find an apartment as soon as possible. Well, this is Philippines and I wasn’t able to find immediately. I am a very patient person so I am taking my time. However, I am still undecided whether to concentrate my salary in a worth paying for apartment that is near my workplace, or save for my MBA, or save for a car, or for my future. I wish I could sacrifice the apartment but I just can’t. I need my freedom and my space. MBA on the other hand in my province is a lot more less expensive than in Baguio City where I originally intend to take it but I will not be able to balance the time of classes due to my working hours. Although it hurts that some of the electives that I badly wanted and liked are not listed in the college that I will be taking the entrance exam next week, it won’t hurt to have a few units added on my CV. So I have decided to take it. Besides, I also need it at work.

  1. Laundry

Laundry is not my thing. For three years, I haven’t been really doing it by hand. Since washing machines and dryers are provided in Bahrain, I don’t have to hand wash half of my clothes. I only hand wash those clothes that require it. But here, due to my mother’s 10 year-old washing machine that takes a lot of time to wash, I have to hand wash half of my clothes to finish earlier.

  1. T A X !

I knew that when I go home, my tax will be really high because I don’t have children and a husband. When I got my first salary for working for 10 days, I din’t feel the tax because it was less than a thousand. I was actually expecting it to be at least a thousand pesos. But when I got my first full 15-day salary with the deductions of PAG-IBIG, SSS, PhilHealth, and.. tax.. well.. it made me laugh so hard until the next day because of how high it was. Anyways, tax will always be tax!

  1. Transportation

Riding a jeepney from home to my workplace takes about 15 to 20 minutes with traffic that is caused by the college near my parent’s house. I will be taking my driving student permit next week to start with my driving lessons too!

  1. Coffee and Chill after work

I live in San Fernando and my work is in San Juan, La Union. Being able to stop by Urbiztondo for a quick coffee or dinner is such a convenience. Urbiztondo became a place where there are a lot of coffee shops and good varieties of restaurants to choose from.

La Union

This is Surf Shack. I’ve been here last year during my vacation last year and I keep coming back for more because of the location and selection of food and drinks.

La Union

La Union

La Union

Another place that my staff kept on reminding me to try is El Union Cafe which serves s’mores.

La Union

La Union

La Union

La Union

La Union

La Union



La Union

I ordered a Mocha coffee worth PhP 120 and s’mores priced at PhP 160.

La Union

They have resident cats too! : ) There is a section for smokers only which I am still trying to understand. I’ve been to Bay Grill in Sea & Sky and didn’t see the sign that the whole bar and restaurant area is not a smoking section.

It was a small and cozy place to chill in Urbiztondo, San Juan

From Greek cuisine to Italian to Japanese, Urbiztondo has a become a place to go to. Although I like it more on the weekends because it is not packed with tourists coming from Manila and Baguio City.

  1. High School Peeps

I met with some of my friends from high school a few days ago and it was fun! We talked about lots of things and was able to sit together for a few hours to drink and eat. It was salary day so we decided to dine out!

La Union

La Union

Left to right Eric, Gerson, Jonie, Me, and Yana

Your new but old La Union girl,





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