Two months late post.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun is a water park in Bahrain where there are swimming pools and slides to choose from. I wasn’t able to take some photos while were enjoying the pools specially the Spa Pool and Lazy River because I don’t want to hold my phone & DSLR worrying that it will get wet while I enjoy being in the water. Moments like those doesn’t require a camera always so I was contented to only have some photos with my brother and sister-in-law. I don’t plan on buying a GoPro too just to record how I had fun. I am happy with Squidee 🙂 Continue reading “LPOD”


La Union Snaps

For two weeks, I wasn’t able to take my day off because one of my staff is on leave for a week so today and tomorrow are my days off.  I had been itching to share photos of my daily ordinary encounters since I arrived. I’ve been in the Philippines for 1 month and two weeks now and I shared some photos with the post Back to Being a La Union Girl  but it incomplete.

Here are some more daily ordinary photos I took..


During my recent visit in Baguio City, it is incomplete without buying the 3 for 100 Strawberry Jam which is perfect for breakfast! Continue reading “La Union Snaps”

Back to being a La Union girl

Hello WordPress!

It’s been two weeks since my last post about my last week in Bahrain! I have posts that are overdue because of my work schedule. Being in the hospitality industry usually takes us in a whole new level of work specially if there is so much work to do with regards to training the staff.

La Union

I would like to enumerate some of the things that I’ve been into for the past weeks that I didn’t make a blog post.

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Last Week in Bahrain

My last week in Bahrain consists of drinking, drinking, drinking, and DRINKING!

There were a lot of drinking involved from the day I decided to host my farewell party. It’s not really a grand party but I just invited a few colleagues to thank them in making my life in Bahrain better. My farewell party wouldn’t be complete without my first bros from Finance department.




And the crowd started to get bigger 🙂

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