Arrival at CRK

I know that this is a very late post but I’m posting it anyways because I promised myself that I’ll be blogging more!

I arrived at CRK around 10 am and it was great because I was landing at a less crowded international airport in the Philippines and closer to home! As usual, my luggage came out about after 30 minutes of waiting. But no matter, my mother picked me up from the airport and we stayed at Park Radisson Inn in Clark which is just a 5-minute walk to SM Clark.



My all-time favorite, vodka cranberry!

Ahhh.. yes! The first thing you do when you land is to drink in your own country without worrying.






I told my mother to pose at the reception for me to take a photo of her on our way to breakfast buffet. I can honestly say that I liked the interior of this hotel and I didn’t regret staying here after a long flight from the Middle East!





My mother’s dog was so happy to see me!

Till here.



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