Bahrain – Departure

I am currently in Philippines right now waiting for another 15 minutes before taking a bath to go to my mother’s canteen, have lunch, and visit my workplace for introduction/site visit/tour at 1300hrs today. But hold up, this post will not be about today but my recent departure from the Kingdom of Bahrain. I know that this post and two more posts are overdue because over the last few days, I’ve been spending time with friends and more friends are sending me messages on Facebook for meetups!


My flight was last Friday coming from Bahrain with a stopover for three hours in HongKong before landing in Clark Freeport Zone.





I should’ve known BETTER!

So when we arrived at the airport, I was so worried that I wanted to go early because my luggage is 25kg but the limit is only 20kg. I was a little hopeful to think that the airline can let me go this time because I checked in very early. When I weighed, I already informed that it’s 25kg but they said that they can accommodate up to 40 kg per passenger. This stunned me and well made me disappointed because if I knew that they can accept until 40kg then I should’ve taken my office shoes and tripod home. But there was no way that I want to open my luggage again so just cover it with cling wrap and dropped it at the check in area.

The next thing that I should’ve known better is the stopover. It says on my ticket that my stop over would only be in HongKong but then, right after I dropped my luggage I asked the ticketing agent and asked why it shows DXB instead of CRK. The agent mentioned that there will be a stopover in Dubai however, us passengers from Bahrain will not get off the plain. We will wait for an hour until the passengers from Dubai will board the plane. This has got to be very disappointing. I told my sister-in-law and mentioned that it’s like a hidden stop over and that Cathay Pacific always do this. But it was my first time flying Cathay Pacific and this is really disappointing.



Anyways, moving on. Here’s my brother, Symon, and my sister-in-law who dropped me at the airport. I wanted to hug Sy and my brother but it’s still Ramadan and hugging in public with the opposite sex is not allowed or else you’ll go to jail and I don’t want to go to jail.


Here’s a photo I took before my plane to HongKong takes off.


This was when I arrived in HongKong so early. It was about 3am when we started our descent and clouds are everywhere with thunderstorm. It was raining too when we landed.


I don’t want to be the spelling police but please do when you see it!


I totally forgot how much I paid for this meal but it was worth it. I loved the noodles so much.


This is my flight number to CRK and I just can’t wait. I was in the boarding area around 730am and just couldn’t help but wonder if this short flight would let me let go of the fact that I’ll be flying on an A320. I get nervous around short flights because the aircrafts that are used get less maintenance than the bigger planes. But I told myself that, fuck it, what could go wrong.


I get nervous on trips but I believe that it’s part of the excitement of experiencing something new but this experience made me realize how crazy I was to ride a plane that sounds like an ESO-NICE bus whenever it is experiencing a turbulence. To those who doesn’t know what an ESO-NICE bus is, it is a Baguio bound mini bus that is low-maintained and you can hear the screeching sound from some of its parts.  Dragon Air was the ESO-NICE of airliners. I cannot express how bad my experience was. But I know that I don’t ever want to ride another Dragon Air plane again.


I wasn’t even able to eat the snack provided.


I took a bite of the chocolate and put it back in the paper bag provided.

We landed safely though at Clark International Airport!




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