One, Two, Three, Adulthood!

There was a time in my life when three intellectuals having conversations over drinks started to talk about silly things of adulthood that led to marriage, labels, and the one thing that everyone at this age of 20-somethings always aim for, happiness. Yes, there are a lot of other articles that you can read endlessly in Elite Daily that will help you digest your adulthood or let’s say as other put it, the website is a like a life manual. But do these articles really help? It targets a large-scale of the population today that has led a lot of relationships and individuals into their own self-pity situation and sometimes end up blaming the website for its false articles. But is it really them? Or is it just us who believes in what the articles say? We find one thing related in the article and we end up reading the whole article and soon realize that yeah, this is happening in my life, I should do the same action the person did and I’ll have the same result. Yay, I’m a new me. But in reality, we are all of unique properties within us. We shouldn’t be driven by these articles that other people has. Because we should be driven by ourselves and not these articles that tell us what to do. Some people call them manuals but they shouldn’t. They should be called guides.


Going back to that night where I met these two amazing intellectuals for drinks, something really interesting happened to me before that. An old flame (well it wasn’t really a flame but a spark, but you know..) wanted to meet me to give back the book that he borrowed from me so that I could pack it before flying next week. But the book wasn’t just the reason, I wanted to see him too for one last time before I go back home.



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