On My Own

You have to feel the fear before you start to be brave.

There comes a time when we are forced to be brave despite what the world is throwing at us.  Fear comes to those who were hurt and it is dangerous to dwell in it for a long time. We fear that we’ll be alone. We fear that nobody will be there to catch us when we fall. We fear that the person who cared for us the most becomes the very stranger we knew and afraid to talk to a decade ago. But fear also passes just like everything else. Hurt also fades as time goes on each day. And when you completely feel that the hurt and fear subsides, you start to stand up and play this little game of bravery until you are able to walk again independently.

We seek our closest friends for comfort and appreciation because we lost all of that from the departure of a significant other. But it is with great change if we start to seek comfort and appreciation from ourselves.

Love comes from within.



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