Killing Off 2 Female Characters

I believe that this is the first time that I’ll be talking about the TV show that I’ve been addicted to watch for almost 6 months now I guess. Despite my inability to digest everything that I learned last night, I am still looking forward to getting out of bed, eat my lunch, do my laundry, and download the latest episode!

I am starting to hate The Originals’ writers. They killed off Cami in last week’s episode and now Davina. I know that Davina might come back (because she’s a New Orleans witch) although they made it clear in the latest episode that her spirit is not there any more, I can feel it that CW just can’t cut off Davina so soon. If she doesn’t come back by the end of the season, she might be back on Season 4 and she will be one of the most powerful witches of New Orleans! Here’s hoping!

I just couldn’t believe it. I wish next week’s episode would be better. Marcel’s pretty upset and the serum that was taken from Aurora’s body is in the hands of Vincent just waiting to unleash Marcel’s rage.

Me too Davina, I didn’t sign up to watch you and Cami die!

When you died C, my neurons shut down too!


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