It’s not always easy to say the right words. You have to contemplate the audience’s feedback. But this is raw, I’m letting it out.

True friends don’t hit you from behind. They hit you in your face with the truth. They will not talk shit about you with other friends especially those who are closest to you. You are a fool for saying those words to my best friend and I love her for defending me despite you saying those bad things against me and I will not apologize for completely blocking someone from my life in any form, social media or even in the real world without a word.

One day we might meet but I will not respond to the hypocrisy. True friends will not judge you with what they hear or what they see. They talk to you straight, ask you what’s wrong and if they can help. They will not talk shit behind your back. I was a fool to believe that we are very good friends for more almost ten years and you hurt me with what I discovered. It’s heartbreaking.

Two heartaches in a year in less than a month. Whoa, someone or something is really testing me.

2017, better give me a bountiful year!



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