Our private transport, Saleem was busy earlier this evening so I had no choice but to walk to the mall. I guess it could help me a little while thinking about him and lose a few fats I gained the previous days just laying in bed and crying. While I was walking, I couldn’t help but appreciate how beautiful the full moon was.

Seef Seef

Walk to City Center

And I thought using the panorama option in my iPhone and produced this blurry photo that looks amazing.. I was thinking of making this as a header photo in this site. Hmm.

Panoramic Seef

I received a text message right after our weekly meeting earlier today that salary arrived in my bank. So I decided to suppress my loneliness a little by window shopping for shoes and bags. But I didn’t buy any. I was stuck in Sharaf DG for an hour deciding whether to buy the Instax Wide 300, that 50mm lens, or a tripod. Instax Wide 300 is an instant camera and I know that I told myself that I’ll buy it in a few months time BUT, one big BUT, I already have a camera and not just any camera, a Nikon D5000. What about a new lens? I rarely use Squidee whenever I am off and I have a kit lens and a prime lens which is the amazing 35mm 1.8G. I guess it was time to buy Squidee his own tripod and there, I bought it. I felt a little joy inside me like I kid when I carried it out of the store however I wished that he is with me when I bought it.

Squidee's Tripod




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