Turn It Off?

There are times like today when I just want to start anew and never look back; fool myself that I don’t know my friends or anybody from the past 25 years of my life. I don’t know how people call it but I get this feeling every two or three months to just walk away from everyone and everything. I want to go to a place where nobody knows me, cut from social media, leave all the devices for communication, and just exist.. But I can’t, can I?


It’s expensive to dream of such and I’m not financially capable of doing it too. It would hurt the people I love too if I just sort of disappeared. But being able to cut from all the social media interactions is now a way of relaxation.. for me, I suppose. I was happy when I got my first smartphone because I can play games, browse Facebook, talk to friends across the globe, post photos of what I am currently doing with my life, and window shop. We found a way over the past ten years to create a device that can do more than what my Dell laptop can do in a day. Some people cannot survive a day without Wifi or rather the reason people go to restaurants is to connect to Wifi instead of eating or catching up with friends. If I am not abroad, I wouldn’t be using a smartphone. I would still love to use my Blackberry instead which is now in the possession of my mother. However, I still keep with me my Samsung flip phone which reminds me each and every time that the main purpose of phones are for calls and text messaging. I know.. it’s great to see your emails in your phone and other notifications that you will see every time someone likes that photo of yours in Facebook or Instagram. You get updated, that’s the main purpose of a smartphone + Wifi. But what if I don’t want to get updated? What if I don’t want to receive emails while I’m at the comfort of watching my favorite in my laptop? (I always turn off the Wifi connection not unless I post something here in WordPress or Skype with my loved ones. My laptop’s use is actually as a radio and a television). What if I don’t want people to know where I am and where I’m going? TURN OFF.

If work doesn’t require us to use Whatsapp, I wouldn’t be using my iphone at all. I would keep it at home and just get a package for a call and text. What about IG, FB, and emails? I created my IG for an unknown purpose. I still don’t know why. I only update it every once in a while. My Facebook, I only use to communicate with friends who are far from me.. trying to catch up and ask them how they’re doing in life. I got tired of the amazing features of what a smartphone can offer. I just want to be with my camera and my laptop. Together, we make great posts for this WordPress blog.

I am planning to buy a new lens for Squidee but fell in love to INSTAX WIDE300 the moment I saw it displayed at Seef Mall Muharraq. I haven’t bought myself my own camera. Squidee was a college graduation gift from my brother. He knew how much I loved photography and has been asking for a DSLR since I was in high school. But this time is different. This is an instant camera and although I know that some might say that this is what is hip now that’s why I wanted one. Just to let you know that what I think is hip now is the small Instax which I am not sure what the name is. But when I saw the INSTAX WIDE300.. I really fell in love with it. So instead of buying a tripod, I am planning to buy my first camera gift to myself.



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