How far can you go for the one you love?

With the head of a 25-year old and the heart of a 19-year old still yearning for the oldest memories as far as I can remember, I could spend all the money I have just to save that one part of my life that is undoubtedly the only thing that is certain for the past 6 years, love. These past few days is very difficult to talk about specially when I was the one at fault and I should’ve known better than to break the heart of the person who is treasuring my existence. Being able to talk to people close to me, they want me to fight and the same time not give up everything that I’ve worked for.

This is so far the most painful heartache in my life and if this doesn’t work, I cannot trust myself into loving again and just end up hurting the person that I love the most.

A thought from a very close friend to me at work,


People your age are allowed to make mistakes because you learn from them. It takes a whole lot of strong personality to fight for who you are. Yes, you hurt the most important person in your life and you will hurt more people in your lifetime while learning the rules of life. Lighten up.


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