Dragon City



My brother and my sister-in-law decided to go to Dragon City yesterday. It’s not an actual city but it’s a mall. At first I was hesitant because I wanted to be alone. I still have a hangover from the pain of my roommate’s departure. The last time that we wanted to go at Dragon City was an epic fail! We relied so much on GPS that we ended up sitting in the car looking at a big body of water between us and the area where Dragon City is located. My brother and sister-in-law visited the area the following week at daytime to finally see the way going there.



My excitement was at an all-time low because I’m still upset with my roommate’s departure but when we arrived at Dragon City, my excitement changed so much just by seeing the name at the entrance.



We feel this excitement when we see something familiar and we tend to be attracted and discover more about it. We stepped out of the car and heard a Chinese instrumental playing at the parking lot which made me feel happy. It made me feel like home when you enter small stalls of clothes or shoes and there is a specific song playing in the background. Only then that I realized how different was the malls like City Center and Seef Mall from Dragon City. When we entered, there were these big red lanterns hanging on the ceiling which made me feel more comfortable in the place.











I bought this really cute phone casing for only BHD2.




And this bag for only BHD5. I know.. it’s supposed to look like CC.. but you know, it’s not really the real thing because it’s just BHD5 so despite its fake logo, I still love the bag’s design. Don’t care about the brand though 😀

It was my first time to go there but I felt so comfortable and homey. I wasn’t able to take more shots because I focused more on entering each stall as I can before feeling hungry.




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