Adulthood Slapped Me

 I know that I haven’t updated this blog for weeks now. I had been busy balancing work, training, and social life (whoa I have a social life now, yes!). I have chosen to give myself a try to participate in an activity for the Staff Party which I did not used to do in the previous years. I found myself feeling more alive than ever with bringing together 7 people to do a dance number for our Staff Party.

But I will talk more about that later.

First I wanted to share how adulthood is unfolding its real colors to me. Two weeks ago, I went back to B28 at Swissbell Hotel to be with some colleagues. Most of us are in the same division although it’s not in the same department so we don’t really work directly or interact every minute of the day. However, most of us are in our early 20s and are first timers in working abroad or in the Middle East so we can relate better. The first time I went in B28, I was with my boss and the department that I am working with every day and we sat in the area where the view was great because it overlooks the company we’re working for. However, when I went two weeks ago, the view was amazing and breathtakingly beautiful. It was like all the lights of Bahrain were there in the horizon.  

We had a great night with a breathtaking view and cocktails and beers that very well suited our pockets. I had a martini and a margarita which cost BHD10.650. When I was paying, I used my debit card and the machine the bartender used says Connection Made but we had to wait 10 minutes and finally the bartender decided to remove my card and with the receipt written Card Removed. I wasn’t bothered at first because I haven’t received any text message that my account was deducted with the amount. However, when we tried to do the transaction in another machine, it was a success however, I received two text messages meaning… I was charged twice. Being a cashier myself in the old days, I still have the number of Credimax with me but I asked the waitress first to call Credimax to check if it shows two charges in their system although only one appears in the machine. But they didn’t have the number of Credimax. I got upset a little because they should have at in their back area if in case guests have the same problem in the future. I called Credimax myself and they said that there was only one successful transaction on their side. I feel frustrated because the night was supposed to end up nice because I had a great time with colleagues. But my night ended somewhat disappointing and frustrating because of the double charge. They told me to go to my bank the next day and check if my account really shows a double charge and I have to let them know. My bank and the hotel is within my area so it’s no problem to walk there and check it. However, I still found it really frustrating because instead of spending those two hours blogging and spending some alone time with myself on my day off, I had to go and walk to my bank and back to the hotel. But it came out nicely. I went out around 11 in the morning and have never seen my area in day time in the past so I found it beautiful to walk in this type of weather right now. I enjoyed the walk but still feel frustrated because I still didn’t get my money back. Credimax is sorting out the problem with my bank and I just have to wait until my money goes back to my account which will take 5 to 7 business days.

I am lazy and a still a little childish. My childish side comes out when I don’t want to do all the things alone. But somehow, one adult problem of getting double charged on your card made me see things clearly and beautifully. It made me depend on myself and it felt great when you accomplish a little thing out of something that you feel like you won’t be able to get through.

Another accomplishment is putting together a dance group for the staff party with the help of one of our assistant managers. It was great!


That’s all for now.

Sincerely hungry,

Iya Rai 💋





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