Turn Around

I am currently in the embassy right now waiting for my turn for my passport renewal photo. I just realized how lucky I am to be single and not married or with kids. I was able to fill up the form quickly specially when the guy asked me, “You’re married?”  while looking at the ring at my left hand. I answered confidently, “No.” And that’s it. No more questions asked and I just needed to pay for the passport renewal fee. I find it very convenient being single. No kid responsibilities and I can worry only about myself. Sounds selfish but I am loving reaping the benefits of it. While I’m waiting, I see parents with three kids and while I keep myself busy reading about Harry Potter news, a few chairs away, people are trying to calm their children running around. I don’t dislike it but I don’t see myself doing the same. I am exhausted and sad about knowing that my bestfriend’s moving to Hawaii for good. That means that when I go home this year, I won’t get to see her and I’m terrified. I only have her and Mariel. Mariel already has a child and I feel like I won’t be able to relate the same when I get home. 

I can’t grasp the truth right now even if it’s backed up with unending evidences.
I finished with them taking a new photo and renewing fingerprints.

I am now waiting for some document that takes some time to print and the receipt according to the officer.

Sincerely sleepy,

Iya Rai 💋


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